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Progressives Frame Choice

What’s a good frame for progressive lenses? What should you look out for?

Progressive lenses have different areas that allow you, the wearer, to view objects at far, near, and intermediate distances.

Frame choice can affect how well the progressive lenses work for you, and selecting the right frame can seem daunting. But it need not be. If you’re considering a pair of progressive lenses, we will make recommendations accordingly. You can try on and choose from our frame selection when you visit us in store, so you don’t have to worry about selecting the wrong frame online!

Here are some useful information you can take into consideration when selecting a frame:

Having nosepads will allow a good distance between the eye and the lenses. Imagine if the lenses are right in front of your eye – you would not be able to easily access all the areas of the lenses. However, if the lenses sit too far away, the usable area might be affected – just hold your eyeglasses further away and see how you now have a smaller viewing area, like downgrading from a 42” TV to a laptop monitor!

Adjustable endpieces – the portion of the arm that goes over and behind your ears – will help in making the eyeglasses more secure, preventing it from sliding down. If your eyeglasses slide down too easily, that makes the reading portion lower, affecting the clarity and ease of your reading.

Sufficient frame height is also essential, and while progressive lenses can be done into small frames with frame heights of about 25mm, we usually aim for a frame height of 28mm or more. However, this doesn’t mean that an extraordinarily large frame like pair of sunglasses is the most ideal, as this may instead cause visual discomfort like giddiness or physical discomfort like a heavy pair of eyeglasses.

These two frames are typically what would be a good choice for progressive lenses – sufficient frame height, adjustable endpieces, and nosepads.

However, one size doesn’t fit all, and we need to look at various other factors when it comes to progressive lenses.

This is why we do not list a selection of frames ‘suitable’ for progressive lenses – what is suitable for someone else may not be suitable for you!

Besides these three factors we have listed above, we may also take into consideration the fit, curvature, and type of your current pair of eyeglasses, your facial features, as well as any history of eyeglasses that did not work for you. Leave these to us – you shouldn’t have to take a course on progressive lenses to get one from us!

Hop on over to our e-store, find something you think will fit, and visit us soon.


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