Lenses Only – Progressives (Multifocals)


Default Option:

High-index progressive lenses that comes with AR and UV multicoating as a standard. Myopia up to -1200, hyperopia up to +600, astigmatism up to -400.


Super high-index lenses that are thinner, select this if you have myopia above -800, up to -1200, astigmatism up to -400.

Automatic tinting under sunlight. Note: may not change behind the windscreen or window.

Blocks violet light (high energy visible light).

Wider corridor design, allows for adjustment of reading area, and customisation for office/workspace use - let us know in store.

Greater smudge-resistance with a smooth coating for easy care

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Worn progressives before?
Product price: $185.00
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Yes, we can do progressive lenses (also known as ‘multifocals’, ‘varifocals’, and ‘no-line bifocals’) on your own frame. This price includes our standard 1.60 progressive lenses, multi-coated and with all the goodies of reducing reflections and UV-protection.

The add-ons available are:
– HEV420 Protection
– Easy-Clean Coating
– 1.67 Super High-Index
– Photochromic Function
– Corridor Customisation

You can read more about lens features here.

All progressive lenses are made-to-order and thus have a wide range of available prescriptions, but you can check if you fall within the range at our Buying Guide.

Do note that we do not provide warranties against any damage to or loss of your own frame. You should use frames that can withstand standard lens mounting procedures; avoid ‘night market’ frames as they usually do not last.