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Purchasing and Shipping

Do you ship internationally?

How quickly can I get my eyeglasses?

Can I just order online and get it mailed to me locally?

I am having problems buying or making payment online.

Can you hold my order and delay my eye examination date?

Can I make glasses with zero degree?

What if, after the eye examination, I am not able to do eyeglasses due to my eye condition?

What if I don't like the frame I have ordered, or if I feel the frame doesn't suit me well?


I am not sure about my prescription, can you check it again for me?

How do I read a prescription from an eye clinic or optical store?

Can I duplicate my current eyeglasses or follow a prescription? / Can you check my eye 'power'?

I want to get my prescription from the store where I previously made my glasses. What details do I ask for?

I have an estimate of my eye power, can you do lenses based on that?

Will I get a copy of my prescription if I make my eyeglasses from you?

Products – Goods and Services

Just $95? Are there extra charges?

Do you have branded frames or lenses?

I have seen glasses online for 29.90 or cheaper!

Do you have discounts or promotions?

Can I replace the lenses on my existing frame?

I just lost or broke my eyeglasses, can you duplicate the same pair for me?

Single Vision? Progressives? What are these?

Do you have bi-focal, progressives, office lenses, or other lens options?

Can I just come in to test my eye degree?

Do you accept trade-ins?


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